How to choose the right DHA vitamin supplement for your child during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

Choosing the right DHA vitamin supplement brand could be daunting experience, especially for first time mothers. Whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this already place tremendous demands on your body and can deplete your own source of Omega 3. With so many brands in the marketplace, it is difficult to differentiate and choose the "right" product.

Here's some quick tips to look out for in buying the product;-

1. DHA content in the labels. The right amount of DHA in relation to EPA should be in the ratio of 10:1. Conventional fish oil which is high in EPA may not be suitable during pregnancy as it may lead to blood loss at the time of delivery. In addition, high EPA may depress AA which may reduce the growth in infants.
Health experts like ISSFAL & WHO recommends daily intake of 300mg DHA supplementation for pregnant and breastfeeding mum.

2. Safe and effective with the removal of PCBs and heavy metals to minimise risk of contamination.

3. Check on the establishment of the product in the market place. With pregnancy, we must take extra precaution with the product that we take orally. Apart from consulting the medical professionals, you can find out more about the product from other mothers, support groups or through internet. With technology, everything is possible!! Always buy from reliable sources (be it distributor or manufacturer) and also, from the expert in this field.